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The Covid 19 Pandemic hasn't just costs millions of lives and put millions more into hospitals, it has also created a massive new pollution problem.

It's well established now that in order to fight the pandemic, it's extremely important to stay safe and use clean materials such as masks and gloves to prevent catching Covid 19.  However, when not disposed of correctly those same life saving materials can become  a harmful pollutant to our oceans and wildlife. 


In an article from the NY Post it says that MORE THAN 1.5 BILLION masks and approximately 3% of all masks created just this year are expected to end up in the ocean. The other 97% will in the best case scenario, end up in already saturated landfills.

We at New Ties thought that there had to be a better way, so we are on a mission to collect as many used masks as possible so we can transform the elastic straps into hair ties and scrunchies that can be used over and over again. Not only will this prevent these masks ending up in the ocean where the straps can endanger wildlife like turtles and sea fowl, we will then ensure proper disposal of the paper portion of the masks.

Our process is simple.  First we collect the masks, remove the straps and then disinfect them  using the same UV light used in hospitals. Even though it has been shows that Covid will not last more than a few days on surfaces, we want to  to ensure no Covid 19 particles remain on our ties and scrunchies. 


Last but not least, all profits will then go to an organization that does a great deal to help prevent climate change and restore our earth, the Environmental Defense Fund.  


How Can You Help?

Like what we're doing?  Awesome!  Here is how you can participate.


We all have those random masks that sit in our car or in our pockets, collect them, stick them in a bag and drop then off at one of our many collection points in town! It's that simple.  We'll take it from there.

We've created beautiful collection boxes that will be placed in Pelham Memorial High school as well as several local businesses in town.  Click HERE to see where our Collection Locations.


Once we start collecting masks, we are going to start creating our hair ties and scrunchies.  Expect cool designs and colors and charms galore.  You're going to love how we transform these masks into something beautiful and usable.


Follow us on Instagram for announcements about when we start selling!!

But none of this works unless we can collect as many masks as possible, so we hope you will all contribute!



The Environmental Defense Fund has a wide range of priorities to address, they focus on all things climate change, and reversing damage to our ecosystem & planet. They don't focus on only pollution but everything and anything that has been killing wildlife and ecosystem. 


With their organization and your help we can hopefully donate to help recover what we have lost.  

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New Ties

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